Single Page React Application

Hospoline is a single page web application built using the MERN(MongoDb, Express, ReactJS and NodeJS) Stack.

Secure JWT Based Authentication System & OTP for Mobile Number verification.

Routes are protected using JWT and user registration is done using mobile number. The mobile number is verified by using an OTP system.

Real Time Chat & Video Calling Facility

The Chat system was built from scratch using socket.io

Currently has features like delivery receipt and 'read' receipt.

Typing indicator feature coming soon!

Medical Records Management

Users can drag and drop their medical records to upload them with ease. These records can be shared with doctors during a chat or video call.

User Profiles and Family

Users can create their profile, have an avatar, and also add other family members under the same account.

Payment Gateway

The site accepts all major payment methods. RazorPay Payment API was used.

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