Saddles India

First Impression is best impression

We believe that the landing page of a website has to be intriguing and should encourage the user to browse the website further. It should also give the user an immediate cue on what the business is all about.

On Saddles India, we achieved this by creating a slider of Saddles products. We ensured that the transition between slides was smooth and has an elegant effect.

Fully customised Google Map with multiple locations.

We customised the colors in the map to match the brand of Saddles and marked locations of Saddles Manufacturing Units.

On selecting a location, the contact info appears with a pin on the map. The user can also get directions to the place through Google Maps.

Company timeline.

Showing the history and growth of Saddles over time would increase the potential customer's faith in the company.

Showing it in style like how we did, would increase the credibility even more.

The magic factor

We love adding some sort of magic factor to every website.

It looks like the MD is actually signing when the user scrolls to the MD's message section.

The client carousel below adds more credibility to Saddles.

Search Engine Performance

The site was built carefully with SEO kept in mind

Within 3 months, Saddles went from no online presence to coming first in Google.

They even ended up nailing some international contracts with car companies.

Saddles Blog

The blog played an important role in imporving the ranking of Saddles India.

We wrote articles on leather on the blog, shared them on social media and updated their instagram and facebook profile often to keep followers engaged.

All of it really helped. You can see the results in the image!

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